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282.35 hours

The IGCSE syllabus for 2018-2019 consists of 196 verses from the end of the Vergil's Aeneid, detailing the final battle between Aeneas, the hero of the epic and founder of the Roman race, and Turnus, his Italian adversary. The poem ends rather abruptly with Turnus' death, and our hero Aeneas kills him in a fit of rage.

More specifically, the syllabus contains the following sections:

  • Book 12.697-703
  • Book 12.710-790
  • Book 12.845-952

The exam also contains an equivalent amount of Latin from Cicero from Two Centuries of Roman Prose, eds E C Kennedy and A R Davis, but since this is prose, it is not relevant to this site.

The statistics on this page reflect only the lines from the Aeneid that are included on the IGCSE syllabus.


For more information on the IGCSE syllabus, please visit the Cambridge International website.

For more information about Vergil and his hexameter, please visit our Vergil page.

All data displayed on this page is taken from our active lines only.

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