IGCSE Syllabus

Dactyls and Spondees

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Number of Active Lines


Elision Rate


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Time Spent

374.63 hours

The IGCSE syllabus for 2020-2022 consists of 153 verses from Book 6 of the Aeneid, detailing Aeneas's descent into the Underworld. Since the exam only assesses lines that do not have an elision, these lines are not included in the practice set, thereby reducing the total to just 82 verses.

More specifically, the syllabus covers Aeneid Book 6.264-416.

The exam also contains an equivalent amount of Latin from Cicero on his denunciation of Cataline, but since this is prose, it is not relevant to this site.

The statistics on this page reflect only the lines from the Aeneid that are included on the IGCSE syllabus.


For more information on the IGCSE syllabus, please visit the Cambridge International website.

For more information about Vergil and his hexameter, please visit our Vergil page.

All data displayed on this page is taken from our active lines only.

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